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Did somebody spill a full cup of red wine on your favorite couch? Stay calm and give us a call. We take pride in our upholstery stain removal skills. Our efficient products can remove the toughest of new and old stains without hurting your furniture. Anything from lipstick to blood all the way to things like ink or sticky juices. Nothing can hide when we are doing your upholstery cleaning. Your fabric will feel, look, and smell better.

Make Sure You’re Getting Your Upholstery Cleaning Is Done Right

Expensive methods for getting your sofa clean can end up doing more bad than good. Many similar services in Humble, Harris County, Texas still use old and outdated upholstery cleaning products like shampoo or foam to remove stains. These leave a residue that attracts soil particles making them worse than before they’d been there. Upholstery dry cleaning is the best way to go. This method uses a complex combo of different safe chemicals to lift impurities without bonding with any fibers.

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Steam and Hot Water Are More Different Than One Might Think

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Our furniture cleaning services are necessary for anyone trying to maintain a sanitary environment in their office or home. Think about how many people are using these places on a regular basis, it makes sense. All of those skin flakes and dust add up quick. Stay ahead of sickness and bad smells and get upholstery cleaning every six months.

Do think you might need a couch steam cleaning? We will tell you what upholstery cleaning method would be best for your sofa. Depending on what material it’s made of, steaming could actually be a bad thing. Sometimes, hot water extraction can be beneficial. The process is similar, but does not require as much heat. Too much thermal energy can damage or shrink some sensitive fibers.